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By entering Bend The Air all competitors acknowledge that they agree to the following terms and conditions.



  • Bend The Air competition is open to all artists, of all nationalities, regardless of gender, over the age of seven, for aerials and over the age of 4 for acrobatics & circus.

  • Competitors acknowledge that, all activities undertaken at the competition are done at your own risk. All competitors must read and agree to all terms and conditions. Adults (parents/carers/coaches) entering on behalf competitors under the age of 18 years old accept the terms and conditions on their behalf. 

  • By entering Bend The Air you confirm that to the best of your knowledge you are physically and medically fit to participate in the competition or any of the events or activities planned or reasonably expected to be involved in the competition. 

  • The running order, schedule and printable program will be developed and distributed in the lead up to the event. The order of competitors is chosen by event organisers. This is subject to change at the discretion of the event organisers.

  • All competitors must ensure you have the permission from the choreographer and representing studio to perform at Bend The Air.



  • Bullying and any other unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated and can result in disqualification upon investigation.

  • Competitors must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any duration throughout the competition. 



  • For competitors 10 years and under - if the competitor leaves the stage at any time, they will be able to return to the stage only once to restart their performance, they will be judged on their first performance only.

  • For competitors 10 years and over - if they leave the stage at any time, they will be unable to return. 

  • No competitors will be penalised for any technical or music issues at the fault of event staff/equipment and will be able to return to the stage to restart their performance should this occur.

  • Bend The Air reserves the right to terminate a performance at any time.

  • Competitors must perform in the order stated in the official program unless a change is approved by the event director.

  • No persons are permitted to enter the staging area (except those approved for purposes of prop placement) during the course of the performance; this is regarded as the time the music starts until it ends. A maximum of 30 seconds will be allocated per performer for prop set up.



  • All entrants must check in upon arrival to the event and must marshal side stage at least 3 acts prior to their scheduled performance. It is ultimately the responsibility of the performer to report to side-stage on time for their performance. 

  • There is to be no congregating in the wings during a performance on stage.

  • All entrants and associated parties must follow the direction of backstage crew at all times.

  • All competitors and their associated parties are to respect the venues of Bend The Air competitions. Please ensure all dressing rooms are left tidy. Any excessive mess left in the dressing rooms will result in a cleaning fee charged to the entrants who shared the dressing room. Any competitor found to have caused damage to the venue will be charged for relevant repair costs.

  • All coaches, family members, friends etc. wishing to watch the performances are required to purchase a spectator ticket and watch from the audience.



  • Competitors are not to speak with a Judge at any stage during the competition. Competitors are not to contact the Judge directly, after the competition about any of the judging that has taken place.

  • The Judge’s decision is final. Should you feel the need to protest the Judge’s decision, you must lodge your protest in writing to the on site event manager at least 30 minutes prior to the announcement of the relevant award. This process will incur a non-refundable $50 administration fee, payable at the time of protest submission. After this time, competitors release their right to make any formal protest regarding the results of the competition. Any protests will be put to the event director, whose decision is final. 

  • Should the allocated Judge(s) not be able to perform their duties for whatever reason, Bend The Air reserves the right to appoint a replacement Judge(s) without notice.




  • Any competitors intending to bring and use their own apparatus (including any spanset/rope/strap) must state so in the competitor form and ensure all information provided is correct. Please include information regarding the company/brand apparatus was purchased from. If this information has not been submitted, you will not be permitted to use your own apparatus.

  • All BYO gear will be inspected by the qualified rigger to ensure it meets the set standards. Please adhere to the following list below.

    • Equipment must be purchased from a registered Aerial Arts supplier - purchase information to be supplied.

    • Spansets and slings must have a valid certification tag and date of purchase.

    • Silks & hammocks etc. should be free from any holes, tears.

    • No taping or coverings over soft rope/silk/straps will be allowed prior to inspection.

    • Changing/sharing of equipment to other competitors apparatus during sessions is not permitted (e.g. one spanset cannot be moved to multiple hoops in one session).

    • Must be rigged in a ready for use format to be presented for inspection and cannot be altered after it has been checked in.

  • Should your equipment fail the rigging inspection onsite at the event you will be required to replace the failed equipment yourself prior to your performance. If this is not possible then you will be unable to perform. Competitors will have the option of using the in house equipment to replace their BYO where applicable. Rigging inspection decisions are final and will not be reversed in any circumstances.

  • With regards to rigging safety, all performers are expected to follow the instruction of the event staff and professional rigger.

  • For the safety of the competitor, all drops on silks must finish with at least 1.5m between the safety mat and the lowest point of the drop.

  • If the head rigger/show director determines that the height is too dangerous for the skills to be executed, the head rigger/show director has the authority to adjust the height.  

  • Under no circumstances are performers permitted to hang from anything other than their apparatus. 

  • All  performers are required to use the safety mat provided by Bend The Air.



  • All competitors agree that any media (including photos and videos) captured at Bend The Air competitions remain the property of Bend The Air and may be used for the purpose of publicity and promotion.

  • Bend The Air has granted exclusive, limited license to the hired photographer/videographer for the taking of performer photographs during the event. The photos/videos may contain the performer, their attire and any property brought onto the premises. Subject to the rights and licence granted to the hired photographer/videographer, Bend The Air will retain ownership to the rights and interests of all photos and copies of these photos. Bend The Air retains the right to use the photos on social, online, print, and other media.

  • Bend The Air collects only that information which is necessary for the conduct of our business relationship with you. Bend The Air abides by the stringent requirements of the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1988) to treat any information provided by the general public as confidential. Bend The Air will not sell, share or trade any information we hold about you to anyone outside Bend The Air unless required by law. 



  • Failure to comply with the Regulations and Rules as detailed in the competition kit may result in deductions or disqualifications for the competitor. 

  • Bend The Air reserves the right to change and/or adjust any of the above information where deemed necessary, however, all competitors will be informed of any changes.



By Entering Bend The Air I agree that have and read and understood the terms & conditions listed on this page and agree and accept the below:

  1. I have read and understood the competition rules and regulations outlined in the Bend The Air competition kit and understand its provisions.

  2. I am physically and medically fit to participate in Bend The Air.

  3. Participation and attendance at Bend The Air will include, but may not be limited to, risk and injury that may occur to myself or other persons

  4. The Bend The Air crew will take all precautions to ensure the safety of performers and equipment, however, not all potential risks can be eliminated.

  5. If I supply my own aerial equipment, it is my responsibility that it is certified, in a safe using condition and kept/transported in a safe and worthy manner. I acknowledge that Bend The Air, crew and representatives are not responsible, by law, for:

    1.  any and all damages, costs, claims or demands (including reasonable attorney's fees and costs) made by any third party caused in whole or part by my actions from participation at Bend The Air, including costs incurred by Bend The Air to enforce this agreement.

I certify that:

  • I have adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage I may cause or suffer while participating in Bend The Air, or else agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage myself.

  • I am willing to assume the risk of any medical or physical condition I may have.

  • If I am aware of or under treatment for any physical infirmity, disorder, ailment or illness, my medical care provider has been appraised of, and has approved of, my participation in Bend The Air.

  • My participation in the Activities entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in serious physical or emotional injury, paralysis or death or damage to myself, to property or to third parties.

  • My participation in Bend the Air  is purely voluntary, and I elect to participate in spite of the risks.


I voluntarily accept the potential/ risk of injury and/or damage:

  1. To myself as a performer/attendee at Bend The Air 

  2. To dependants, parents and/or guardians that may suffer direct or indirect consequences from my participation at Bend The Air

  3. To my aerial equipment if I have chosen to use at Bend The Air


I acknowledge that I, and I alone, am solely responsible for my personal health and safety and the personal property I bring with me.


 I consent to receive medical treatment which may be advisable in the event of illness or injuries suffered by me during the Activities, and I agree to pay for the costs of any such medical treatment.


I intend by this Agreement, in advance, to waive my rights, to covenant not to sue, to release from future claims and to discharge Bend The Air from any and all loss or damage, including, but not limited to, claims for damages for death, personal injury or property damage that I may have, or which may hereafter accrue to me, as a result of my participation in any portion of Bend The Air, even though that liability may arise from negligence (whether simple or gross), carelessness or recklessness on the part of DCB Fitness, from dangerous or defective facilities, property or equipment owned, maintained or controlled by it or because of its possible liability without fault. Entering the competition, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. If the competitor is under 18 years of age, this agreement must be read and agreed to by a parent or guardian on behalf of the competitor.


This agreement is subject to change. January 2023. 

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