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Sunshine Coast, Qld

April 12 - 14, 2024

Flinders Performance Centre, Buderim



Flinders Performance Centre,

Located at the entrance to the college, The Flinders Performance Centre presents a world-class, multipurpose performance facility. The fully air conditioned main auditorium can accommodate up to 600 guests in tiered theatre seating. Boasting state-of-the-art sound and lighting this venue provides a first rate experience to all performers who take to the stage.  The venue also boasts ample rooms for dressing rooms, an onsite café and unique foyer areas.


The Alta is the only fully engineered, designed and manufactured rig available in Australia. It comes tested, tagged and CERTIFIED. This certification allows Bend the Air to set up the rig seemlessly, in any venue. The Alta also has the highest safety ratings of any free standing rig in Australia. It provides participants with a safe and standardised set up across all competitions, allowing them to do what they do best – excel at aerial arts.

Alta Rig Info.png

The overall height of the Alta Rig is 7m. Once you have taken into account the rigging hardware plus mat below the actual available space is 6.37m in total of vertical working space from the mat to the top connection point. Please take note of this when designing routines and performance pieces.

Rigging will be from a single point from the centre of the rig. Limited swinging and elliptical movement is possible, but it is limited due to the pole placement of the rig. The footprint of the rig is 6m x 6m. No height changes will be permitted during the routine. Rigging for all of Bend The Air competitions is overseen by a qualified rigger. For the safety of all competitors the qualified rigger provided by Bend The Air maintains ultimate authority over rigging and under no circumstances are competitors to personally adjust their rigging.




The full stage area at the Flinders Performance Centre is approximately 12m Wide x 11m Deep. The stage features winged areas on both sides of the stage, as well as the availability to travel behind the stage to reach the other side. Stage lighting will be provided by Bend The Air in conjunction with the venue technical team. Lighting presets will be chosen by technical staff based on their professional opinion.  

ACRO & CIRCUS sections will have the full use of the stage area - with no mats. 

AERIAL sections will use the 6x6m floor which is 30mm thick mat flooring with carpeted top.  This is situated within the footprint of the Alta Rig. Due to the matted floor, no shoes with heels are permitted in routines. You are permitted to also use the hard stage area outside of this 6x6m area. 

As an additional safety component at Bend The Air competitions, we have teamed up with Absolutely Anything Gymnastics (AAG) to provide custom safety mats designed specifically for our competitions. 

ROUND SAFETY MAT: Custom 2546mm circular landing area consists of a staged combination of open and closed celled foams and a high quality constructed pvc vinyl cover formation with venting for quick air release.

PLEASE NOTE: in 2023 ALL Aerial competitors, are required to use the provided safety mat for their routine.

Bend The Air - Custom Mat - Absolutely Anything Gymnastics.png



Sam Smith

Sam's journey began with competitive dance, which provided her the foundational skills to then transition into aerial arts once joining Skadada Circus School in Perth at age 12. Here, she developed an array of aerial apparatus and ground techniques, that developed into her specialities and key focuses of aerial hoop, straps and contortion. 


After performance opportunities in regional tours and corporate entertainment in Australia, Sam moved to London, UK where she became a resident acrobat for the Café de Paris stage shows. Throughout this time, she also completed a range of international contracts. Some key highlights include Cirque Dreams, La Soirée, Oceania Cruises, P&O Cruises, Briefs Factory, Hideaway Circus and the Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.


Since returning to Australia in 2021, Sam has continued to perform in corporate entertainment and toured with Cirque Nouvelle. However, most of her time is now focused on teaching and producing. With a passion for sharing her knowledge, skills and professional experiences, Sam aims to do this whilst sustaining a kind and supportive environment to young dancers and acrobats. 

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