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Adelaide, SA

July 27 - 28, 2024
The Parks Theatre, Angle Park

Entries Close June 16



The Parks Theatre
46 Cowan St, Angle Park

The Parks Theatre is located between the City of Adelaide and Port Adelaide. After undergoing an extensive renovation in 2014, it boasts a suite of great theatres, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms and more that foster events and the arts.

The theatre offers special effect lighting and sound equipment and a horse shoe shaped audience seating set up that tiers down to the floor level stage.


Rigging will be from a single point in the centre of the stage. The available working space from the rig point to the mat is approximately 8m. 

No height changes will be permitted during the routine. Rigging for all of Bend The Air competitions is overseen by a qualified rigger. For the safety of all competitors the qualified rigger provided by Bend The Air maintains ultimate authority over rigging and under no circumstances are competitors to personally adjust their rigging. Please read the Bend The Air rigging standards document for more information. 


The theatre configuration is an open plane stage area that does not have a side stage, winged area, or a backstage area to be able to transfer sides of the stage unseen (i.e. you will be seen by audience members while waiting off stage). Please keep this in mind while choreographing routines. There will be a backdrop to indicate the back of the stage, and seating will be in the round – up to 270 degree viewing to the stage area.



Stage lighting may be provided by Bend The Air in conjunction with the venue management at the various competition locations. Where possible, every effort will be made to ensure that competitor performances are highlighted.


Please view the venue’s website, for more information and images.


As an additional safety component at Bend The Air competitions, we have teamed up with Absolutely Anything Gymnastics (AAG) to provide custom safety mats designed specifically for our competitions. 

STAGE AREA: The stage space for all aerial categories is a 6x6m floor with 30mm thick mat flooring with carpeted top.  This is situated within the footprint of the Alta Rig. Due to the matted floor, no shoes with heels are permitted in routines.


ROUND SAFETY MAT: Custom 2546mm circular landing area consists of a staged combination of open and closed celled foams and a high quality constructed pvc vinyl cover formation with venting for quick air release.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL Aerial Addicts competitors, except the Elite category, are required to use the provided safety mat for their routine.

Bend The Air - Custom Mat - Absolutely Anything Gymnastics.png


The stage for all Acro Fanatics & Circus Freaks sections will be approximately 9m x 9m. This will be a standard hard floor stage area, open to the edges of the audience area.

Bend The Air - Adelaide - Stage Configuration.png
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