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OCTOBER 28 & 29, 2023

All Saints' College, Bull Creek


All Saints' College
Ewing Ave, 
Bull Creek, WA, 6149

Discover the artistic heartbeat of All Saints College, Perth – our cutting-edge Centre of Performing Arts. This hub of creativity stands as a testament to innovation and excellence, providing a dynamic space where music, theater, dance, and more flourish.

Stepping inside, you're embraced by an atmosphere alive with performances and the aspirations of budding artists. Our auditorium boasts top-tier sound and lighting technology, ensuring an immersive experience for both performers and audiences. Acoustically refined walls and tiered seating guarantee every note, word, and movement resonates profoundly. The adaptable stage is a canvas for boundless creativity.

The Centre of Performing Arts at All Saints College invites performers, enthusiasts, and visitors to experience a world of artistic exploration. Join us in celebrating human creativity and its possibilities within these walls.


The full stage area is approximately 12m Wide x 11m Deep. The stage features winged areas on both sides of the stage, as well as the availability to travel behind the stage to reach the other side. Stage lighting will be provided by Bend The Air in conjunction with the venue technical team. Lighting presets will be chosen by technical staff based on their professional opinion.  

ACRO & CIRCUS sections will have the full use of the stage area - with no mats. 

AERIAL sections will use the 6x6m floor which is 30mm thick mat flooring with carpeted top.  This is situated within the footprint of the Alta Rig. Due to the matted floor, no shoes with heels are permitted in routines. You are permitted to also use the hard stage area outside of this 6x6m area. 

As an additional safety component at Bend The Air competitions, we have teamed up with Absolutely Anything Gymnastics (AAG) to provide custom safety mats designed specifically for our competitions. 

ROUND SAFETY MAT: Custom 2546mm circular landing area consists of a staged combination of open and closed celled foams and a high quality constructed pvc vinyl cover formation with venting for quick air release.

PLEASE NOTE: in 2023 ALL Aerial competitors, are required to use the provided safety mat for their routine.

Bend The Air - Custom Mat - Absolutely Anything Gymnastics.png


Amy Leesha


Amy is a passionate aerial artist with expertise in Aerial Silks, Rope, Lyra, Duo Trapeze and more. She has performed professionally in both Australia and the USA, entertaining a variety of clients including Coca Cola, the NSW Premier and Nike USA. Alongside performing Amy has experience in coaching aerial skills; helping people develop a high level of fitness and movement expertise on a number of apparatus.


Her experience spans further than aerial circus as she founded her career in movement early with gymnastics as a high level competitive gymnast as well as gymnastics coach and competitive judge. She is also a qualified Physiotherapist who is passionate about musculoskeletal injuries and has worked with the Sydney University Womens AFL team.

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