Melbourne, VIC 

Friday, July 1 - Saturday, July 2 

 Key Dates 

Audition Entries Close: Wednesday, 1st of June

Audition Results Released: Sunday, 5th of June

Live Show Entries Close: Thursday, 9th of June

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National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) 

39-59 Green St,
Prahran VIC 3181

We are NICA. 


Making the extraordinary world of circus arts a professional reality.


The National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) creates real pathways to industry success through tailored world-class training, leading innovation, focused research and development, technology, and artistic brilliance – creating the next generation of truly elite, industry-ready artists. 

Based in the world's most liveable, creative city of Melbourne, Australia, NICA is an internationally renowned Centre of Excellence, housing a network of unique and custom-built facilities. Designed by COX Architects, the National Circus Centre is a one-of-a-kind, award-winning venue; 12-metres high and built to transform from training purposes to a professional performance space with a 350+ seating capacity.


We are the authority on the awe-inspiring.


We set the standard for the spectacular. 


We make the incredible, credible. 


We are NICA. 


When taking into consideration the available height, competitors need to take the following elements into consideration. Once you have taken into account the rigging hardware plus mat below the available vertical working space is approximately 10m from the mat to the top connection point. There is a height limit imposed for all aerial minis, Intermediates & Amateurs of 6m from the floor. Please take note of this when designing routines and performance pieces.

Rigging will be from a single point in the centre of the stage. No height changes will be permitted during the routine. Rigging for all of Bend The Air competitions is overseen by a qualified rigger. For the safety of all competitors, the qualified rigger provided by Bend The Air maintains ultimate authority over rigging and under no circumstances are competitors to personally adjust their rigging.

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All in house apparatus are provided by Trix Circus. Trix is an Australian company with over 70-years of experience building circus equipment. Their equipment is built in Australia by advanced and experienced riggers and regularly tested to destruction to ensure quality and safety.


As an additional safety component at Bend The Air competitions, we have teamed up with Absolutely Anything Gymnastics (AAG) to provide custom safety mats designed specifically for our competitions. 

STAGE AREA: The stage space for all aerial categories is a 6x6m floor with 30mm thick mat flooring with carpeted top. Due to the matted floor, no shoes with heels are permitted in routines.


ROUND SAFETY MAT: Custom 2546mm circular landing area consists of a staged combination of open and closed celled foams and a high quality constructed pvc vinyl cover formation with venting for quick air release.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL Aerial Addicts competitors, except the Elite category, are required to use the provided safety mat for their routine.


The stage for all Acro Fanatics & Circus Freaks sections will be approximately 8 x 12m wooden stage.

The full stage configuration is an 8 x 12 m space with winged areas on both sides of the stage. The main access to the stage (run on and off) will be from stage left. There will be a Bend The Air backdrop at the back of the stage. 

Stage lighting may be provided by Bend The Air in conjunction with the venue management at the various competition locations. Where possible, every effort will be made to ensure that competitor performances are highlighted.


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Daniel Power

From a young age, Dan Power has danced and competed in acrobatics. He later went on to complete a bachelor’s degree in circus arts, majoring in aerial contortion at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA). He then went on to perform in Cirque du Soleil’s K.A at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and achieve a number of high-level awards including; Winner of Australia's Aerial All Stars 2014, in 2016 Australia's circus industry voted him to be Australia's leading male aerialist at the Australian Circus Festival in Sydney, and most recently he won the professional category, at the Australian Circus Championships in Perth 2017.


He now resides back in Geraldton in WA and has opened his own circus studio, Midwest Aerial and Acrobatic Studios.

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Phillippa Hayball

Philippa is an internationally recognised ballet dancer, singer, acrobat and fitness instructor. Highlights from Philippa’s extensive career include; the last 2 seasons of Australia Ninja Warrior, 8.5 years internationally touring with the Cirque du Soleil as a lead character and dancer for 2 of their shows as well as an aerialist for Quidam.



Philippa has a passion for taking the movements of dance into the air and creating sensational experiences for not only the artists but the audience as well. Philippa has a drive and passion for helping people reach their goals and creating challenging life changing chances for young ones.